Monday Blues? Or Is it something else?

Monday Blues? Or Is it something else?

We get up on Monday mornings, get ready for work in hopes that the day will go as planned. Somehow between leaving the comfort of our homes and about an hour after we arrive to work, things go down hill fast. Why is that? Is Monday like the Bermuda Triangle of the work week? Is Monday the bad JUJU of the week? I just want to know…. Why on Monday does the coffee spill in your lap on the way to work ? Why on Mondays do we get behind every crazy driver? Why on Mondays do we get stopped by every red-light? Why on Monday does the office machines break? Why on Monday does the heat and air unit go out at the office? Why on Mondays? This crazy stuff does not happen on Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday and Friday somehow go as planned. But Monday, that dreaded Monday morning when we roll out of bed, take a deep breath, and see what that day has in store for us. Do we need to rotate the days of the week? Change up the names? Someone please tell me what it is about Monday. ¬†Tuesdays are never as bad as Monday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are pretty mellow half way through the week. And oh how excited we are when Friday arrives. And yes, the weekend, we love the weekend! But the thought of Monday morning starts the blues.

Don’t let the Monday Blues get you down, it’s only one day of the week. Let’s just muddle through the 8 hours of ¬†this day and get it behind us.

Have a GREAT rest of the week!